Rapid onpage optimization Methods Of [seo Services] Broken Down How to manipulate Domain Authority, Trust Flow and other domain metrics This is an advanced CEO tutorial and not intended for beginners. The method involves using a buffer site that blocks goggle to fake domain authority, page authority, trust flow, citation flow and other metrics. In the past Page Rank has always had people who would fake it, and this video introduces how black hatters fake other types of metrics. YouTube says: Brackets aren't allowed in your description so I had to paste the code on my site. Get it here: http://joshmacdonald.net/1644/how-to... What is domain authority? And how does it affect your search ranking?In this guide we explain the vital ranking factor in laymans terms, and hand you the number one strategy to improve your scorehttps://www.einsteinmarketer.com/domain-authority/ #FridayReads #Marketing #DomainAuthority Einstein Marketer @Einstein Marketer